Energy Efficiency

5 Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit From Energy Efficiency in 2021

The term Energy Efficiency is commonly used across different sectors, but what does it really mean? As described in The Energy White Paper, ‘Powering our Net Zero Future’, published in December 2020 by HM Government, Energy Efficiency is defined as: ‘When something performs better using the same amount of energy, or delivers the same performance for less’. Ultimately, energy efficiency means doing more with less: that is, squeezing as much useful power out of as little energy as possible.


Why is Energy Efficiency Important? 

Energy consumption has grown at an accelerated rate over the last few decades. And due to the increased demand, we are now in danger of using up the planet’s natural resources.

Energy efficiency is a way of managing and limiting the growth in energy consumption, to safeguard the planet, and ensure we leave energy behind for future generations.

Although energy efficiency can feel like an unattainable job for business owners, it is playing a progressively vital role in the roadmap to reaching Net Zero targets. Have you considered an energy strategy? Here’s a list of five good reasons to implement energy efficient solutions in 2021.


1. Reduce capital and operational costs

Improving your businesses’ energy efficiency can directly save your company money. Energy is no longer an uncontrollable cost like it used to be, but rather an area where considerable savings can occur. Nowadays, there is a fine line to draw between energy consumption and financial impact on the balance sheet.


2. Help lower consumption

Increased efficiency is an essential stepping-stone to help reduce energy consumption. It is also a focal point in achieving the UK’s commitment to reducing its greenhouse gases. By lowering consumption, you can lower your carbon footprint.


3. Greater operational long-term resiliency

By ensuring that your business is energy resilient you will automatically help insulate against price increases or fluctuations in supply. As a direct affect, you will achieve a long-term resilience that helps maintain operations and reduce commercial risk.


4. Cut the emission of greenhouse gases  

Energy consumption remains a principal source of human caused greenhouse gas emissions. By implementing energy efficiency strategies, you can significantly reduce your contribution.


5. A positive impact on preventing climate change

The financial benefits of energy efficiency are only the beginning. Greenhouse Effect, Global Warming and Climate Change are all phrases we are familiar with. But being more environmentally conscious and energy-efficient does not only help with climate change, but has the potential to improve relationships with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Being energy efficient can enhance your brand’s reputation, which in turn can improve your business’ performance.


Business energy efficiency can be difficult, but there are too many benefits to completely ignore it. By optimising your energy performance you will not only experience reduced costs but many environmental benefits that positively can affect your business performance. The majority of UK buildings are predicted to still be in use in 2050 so it’s a must we keep moving and challenge ourselves every year to become as energy efficient as we can be.