Case Study

Morrisons Supermarkets

How Clearworld Limited are helping Morrisons Supermarkets on their Net Zero journey


Clearworld Limited implement energy reduction solutions to assist organisations in realising the operational, environmental and financial benefits of carbon reduction. We help businesses adopt the very latest asset upgrades along with the integration of renewable energy technologies.

When we became involved with Morrisons, we did so with the commitment to drive down their energy spend and efficiency in order to support their target of reaching Net Zero carbon emissions
by 2040.

Where to add value

It is common business practice for most organisations to have internal and external teams in place, however, where there is added value, Morrisons believe in sourcing sector specialists to provide expertise that will not only benefit the operation of the store, but also customer experience.

We are currently delivering a Shelf Edge Technology project in Morrisons stores across the country. Phase 1 consists of 130 stores, which is nearing completion with Phase 2 already planned for another 100 stores to commence in March.

Shelf Edge Technology on Refrigerated Display Cases works by improving their aerodynamic efficiency. Traditionally the cold air that the fridge uses to keep the food chilled, is delivered from the back to the front of the shelves and cascades out into the aisles. This causes the fridges to operate harder as they pull ambient air back in to reduce it to working temperature. It also causes the aisles where the fridges are located to become colder, which requires additional heating for customer comfort.

The Technology uses an air blade on the shelf front to keep the cold air within the fridge, therefore, reducing the energy required to keep the fridge at the desired temperature and the need for additional heating within the aisles.

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