Delivering the components for Net Zero

One of the challenges all large organisations face is the complexity of bringing a cohesive and integrated Net Zero sustainability strategy together.


Our Proven Four Step Process

We follow this simple process once we have carried out measurements and gathered the data we need.

1. Data Analytics

Data analysis is at the heart of all good Environmental & Carbon Reduction projects. At Clearworld we use fiscal metering data to ensure all savings can be directly linked to the energy billing platform – if you can’t see the savings, why would you invest?

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We recognise every business is different – using our experience the Clearworld team creates solutions that can be scaled across multiple sites and deliver the maximum benefits for both financial and environmental outcomes.

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Our project management team has delivered national solutions for organisations with over 1000 sites. The Clearworld expertise in co-ordinating the complex challenges of national roll outs means you can be sure of on time delivery and guaranteed Carbon savings across your estate.

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When a large organisation embarks on a significant investment on the Net Zero journey you need to be confident in the long term financial outcomes. Clearworld has expertise in building and delivering sustainable ROI/ROCE solutions for national operations.

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From the need to procure utilities in the most efficient way for your business, ensuring billing and data integrity for compliance reporting requirements, through to implementing the most critical elements of net zero carbon projects, Clearworld is here to help with every step.

We will survey your estate to identify where savings can be made in energy consumption and emissions. The biggest impact you can make in working towards Net Zero carbon targets is to change the energy consuming assets across your operations, but can also make a significant difference by installing more efficient control systems, accessing renewable energy sources or even installing your own on-site renewables, such as solar panels and heat pumps.

Whatever strategy you choose, we will complete the installation and make sure that the outcomes are not only transparent for all stakeholders regarding carbon reduction, but also have significant financial benefits.

But we don’t stop there. The secret of a successful net zero sustainability strategy is repetition: first measure, then improve. And repeat the cycle again and again to keep delivering the financial and environmental benefits.

We involve our clients at every step, working collaboratively to ensure that all stakeholders can derive maximum benefit from the Net Zero carbon strategies we recommend and implement on their behalf.


Once you set the strategy for change and agree the scope, who is going to pay for it all?

Delivering Net Zero is an issue of value rather than cost and should be seen as a financial opportunity. Our blended approach to energy solutions ensures investments will pay back relatively quickly and meet your desired timescales. Furthermore, the resulting savings will then unlock more capital to fund additional business projects.

The cost of decarbonisation does not always need to be financed through internal capital.

Through a selection of private financing options, we can help you fund a range of energy and carbon reduction technologies.

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