Non Energy Benefits & How They Help Your Business

Non-Energy Benefits and how they can help your Business

Energy Efficiency and clean energy generation can provide your business with financial and environmental profits, but there are other lesser-known benefits your organisation can achieve by implementing measures towards Net Zero – known as Non-Energy Benefits (NEB’s).


So what are NEB’s?

Non-Energy Benefits (NEBs) are the many and diverse benefits produced by energy efficiency in addition to energy and demand savings that fall into three categories: –

  1. Utility-perspective NEBs.

NEBs for Utilities mainly relate to costs, revenue payment patterns and debts. For example, energy efficiency measures mean less money owed on bills and fewer bad debt accounts written off. Utilities can also gain financial benefits from other NEBs such as: reduced shutoffs/ reconnections, fewer notices, calls and collection costs. Improved energy efficiency procedures also mean fewer emergency callouts for gas service calls.

  1. Participant-perspective NEBs.

While the benefits here may seem obvious at first, there are many that are often not realised. These include better indoor air quality, leading to improved health and fewer lost days at work or school. Enhanced comfort provided for employees by efficient energy controls in turn leads to higher productivity. Improved lighting means reduced glare and eyestrain.  There are also many other relating to operating and maintenance, for example, reduced wear, extended equipment lifetime.

  1. Societal-perspective NEB

Finally, there are the NEBs for wider society. Efficiency and renewables create knock on economic benefits such as job creation and increases in personal income – which has benefits for wider GDP.  Lower emissions improve the health of the public and therefore reduces the strain and costs on our health services.

Energy efficiency solutions can be difficult to prioritise, but there are too many reasons to completely ignore it.

By optimising your performance, you will not only experience reduced costs but the many perspective benefits that will positively affect you, your business, and the wider society.

The expertise and experience Clearworld can provide as a partner will enable you to harvest both the direct and indirect benefits on the journey towards delivering Net Zero. We are easy to talk to, so please don’t hesitate to make contact.