Panoramic Power™

The more you know about your energy consumption the better you can manage it and knowing where your carbon emissions are coming from is the first step in understanding how to reduce them.

Centrica Business Solutions Panoramic Power™ and Power Radar™ will provide your business with greater visibility and actionable, real-time intelligence around how your site is using energy, so that you can reduce waste, lower costs and create a comprehensive energy strategy.

Learn how energy insights will help you understand your energy;

Watch the video and discover how implementing Panoramic Power™ and PowerRadar™ with your utility meters can deliver a wide range of granular energy data allowing you to improve business performance:-


How does the technology work?


Self-powered and non-intrusive Panoramic Power™ wireless sensors – combined with your 3rd party meters for electricity, gas, heat, and water – collect real time energy data and analytics from your devices at granular level.

Data Monitoring

The sensors continuously collect data and deliver it in real-time via cloud technology to PowerRadar™, an energy management platform for analysis. This cloud-based system uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), and adheres to strict security and privacy standards to keep your critical assets safe.

Analysis and Action

PowerRadar™ provides a powerfully simple platform to understand your energy estate. The secure software provides you with the flexibility to view and manage your energy from anywhere. Use the intelligence from PowerRadar™ to develop an informed, energy strategy.

Energy Management System Features

PowerRadar™ is a industry-leading energy management software that will sit at the very heart of your energy strategy, providing a single view to visualise and take action on your energy data.


Reports can be created as weekly modular, or in a single-site or multi-site format. They can be set up with a daily, weekly or monthly frequency.

  • Automatically email anyone within your organisation and any external stakeholders.
  • Modular reports are weekly and composed of predefined modules.
  • Single-Site/Multi-Site
  • These give a more general overview of energy use in the given time period and also give a comparison to the previous time period

Alerts appear when an incident related to a site’s consumption or system status has occurred. The occurrence of incidents is based on instructions set up in PowerRadar’s™ rule engine.

  • Power & Current
  • Operational State
  • System Notification
  • Energy Trends
Energy Management

Possibility of monitoring and controlling energy usage through live data analysis.
PowerRadar™ allows the customer to track and optimise consumption in a building or throughout the estate.

  • Data Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Savings Opportunity
  • Layering

How using Panoramic Power™ and PowerRadar™ can provide physical benefits for your business.

A cost effective and easy to deploy IoT offering providing intelligence that helps reduce cost and increase operational performance.


Gain complete visibility into energy costs and consumption from site down to device level.


Manage and reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions with real time data any place, any time.


Reduce costly downtime and failure of devices with real time insights on device performance.


Extend asset lifecycle and transition from scheduled or reactive to performance-based maintenance.


Tailoring energy efficiency for a fashion brand

With over 400 stores in 50 countries, the client was looking at innovate ways to gain a handle on their carbon footprint to better support their corporate pledge. Panoramic Power™ was installed as a trail across several locations that provided an actionable insight to energy consumption by highlighting inefficiencies and enabling ways to minimise risk. Using the data the fashion brand were able to:-

  • Identify a 15% reduction in energy use across the sites used in the trial
  • Take action on opportunities identified to reduce consumption at their warehouse by 9%
  • Action the Energy Insights to deliver circa. Annual savings of £910,000 across their entire estate

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