Energy efficiency solutions and renewable technologies will help you to increase sustainability, impact rising charges.

Taking control of your energy is one of the best ways you can reduce costs and at Clearworld we focus on getting your building working to its ‘absolute best performance’ by optimising your ‘existing energy consuming assets’ and implementing renewable energy sources.

Working closely with our clients, we understand the nuances and challenges that you face in meeting environmental objectives and driving additional revenue.

By adopting good energy practice, we will deliver ‘additional’ savings for you.


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Clearworld supported the client with a campaign to drive down Carbon primarily to ensure their stores operate to maximum efficiency in all areas. The challenge was to create solutions that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively to ensure best possible outcome for their CSR and most importantly CO2 targets. Initially based on a small trial, the very encouraging results achieved energy savings in excess of 25% which contributed to circa. 12 tonnes of CO2 being saved.

- A leading neighbourhood retailer with a national network of shops. , CONVIENIENCE

Clearworld were selected to assist with a nationwide lighting improvement program to enhance the shopping experience. The remit was to mobilise a project across a variety of brands/locations within a short time frame and without any disruption to the day-to-day operation. Every site had a scoping out survey to evaluate the current set up and operational procedure and group wide savings of c. 29% have been achieved with a ROI of 1.56 years.

- A high street retailer with a collection of the world’s most iconic brands, RETAIL

Clearworld have been engaged to deliver additional cost-effective energy solutions savings and by optimising the existing assets, together with the implementation of new initiatives achieved savings of 22.5%.

- A UK leader in motorway service areas, HOSPITALITY

Energy efficiency solutions and renewable technologies will help you to increase sustainability, impact rising charges

Clearworld provide a unique and fully integrated approach to Energy, utilising many years’ experience implementing energy efficiency solutions to support businesses reduce the impact of rising charges and help realise the operational, environmental, and financial benefits of carbon reduction.

Collaboration and choosing the right partner are crucial and our products and services are designed to help businesses across all sectors benefit from reduced energy, increased efficiency and to make Net Zero happen.