We are committed to Making Net Zero Happen

The Clearworld team comprises experienced sustainability and energy reduction practitioners who have been engaged with the huge changes across the Utility and Carbon Management markets since the initial supply deregulation in the late 1990s.

We’ll work with you to take control of your energy bills, recommend savings and help safeguard against tomorrow’s costs. Our close knit and dedicated team of industry experts will provide you with a full 360-degree approach across all areas of your utility expenditure.

At a time when Energy, Sustainability and Net Zero emissions are paramount, there is no substitute for the experience and knowledge the Clearworld team provide to help you decarbonize, reduce costs, and fulfil your business challenges.

Our Senior Team
Gary Scaife

A background in building, lighting controls and refrigeration spanning over 30 years. I became involved in the energy sector in the mid noughties when changes started to occur following deregulation.

In 2012 I was presented with a coveted Marks & Spencer Plan A award for the delivery of holistic projects across their estate creating huge CO2 and energy reductions. These projects were multi-faceted and included all types of controls along with renewables and water solutions.

Net Zero isn’t just important to me, it’s absolutely necessary.  I feel that we have a duty to ourselves and future generations to resolve the issues that we have created.  For too long cynics have protested against the reality of climate change and it’s only now in light of overwhelming evidence that we are beginning to act.

Neil Bromley

My broad knowledge of the Built environment, and excellent leadership skills gained throughout a 30-year career, culminated in 2010 when AB Group was founded.

We set out to achieve, to create a business that is built on the core values of excellence and simply to do better and be better. I have a vision to change the ways of an industry, and more than a decade has passed and we continue to strive to better the norm.

Mike Roberts-Hodgson
Head of Business Development

Im all Energy!

For my sins, well enjoyment, I’ve been involved in the Energy Sector for well over 20 years, joining the industry in the late 90’s when prices were low, offers valid for longer than a day and a commodity that wasn’t necessarily high on businesses radar.

But Energy has evolved so much over recent years and is now such a significant factor for businesses, not only from a financial perspective, but equally important, an environmental one as well. Climate change is at the forefront of almost every conference, debate, and conversation worldwide and subsequently one of the most important components of reducing such change has been the introduction of Net Zero.

Working in the industry I’ve seen the progression of the sector and its significance within our daily lives. Equally I have also witnessed the impact of such an evolution upon our climate at both a global and local scale.

I strongly believe it is every individuals responsibility to facilitate the change required to reach Net Zero.

Sara Pierantonietti
Energy Manager

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

I achieved a Distinction in my masters degree in Construction Engineering back home in Italy and specialised in building management and HVAC control systems during my apprenticeship. I later won a scholarship that allowed me to come to the UK to continue exploring the energy sector, studying building thermal behaviours and related consumption.

I have a strong interest in data analysis and consumption patterns, with particular attention to savings opportunities. I completed the Energy Management Professional Course L2 by the Energy Institute, which has provided me with a deeper knowledge and understanding of the industry, along with the tools to improve carbon reduction emissions and better control building facilities.

Our sector is constantly evolving so I am keen to keep learning and introducing smart new solutions for clients.

Level 2: Energy Management Professional
Certified International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP)

Paul Yates
Head of Projects

An electrician at heart!

I started my career many many years ago, working primarily on office refurbishments, fire alarm installations and structured network cabling. I later moved into energy controls, focusing more in the retail sector, and this is where I found a new, more enhanced passion for energy reduction. I have always been very keen on protecting our planet and I finally felt I was making a difference.

Ive been fortunate enough to have many career highlights during my journey, but if I had to pick one it would be when I joined a major UK retailer as a Regional Energy Manager. This opened my eyes a lot and the knowledge I gained there has been highly important in my further development.

Net Zero is really important to me. The damage we have done to our planet over the years has been horrendous. We need to stop it now but none of us want to give up the things we take for granted. Achieving Net Zero will make it possible to have a tech-enhanced life without destroying the planet in the process. As technological advances continue, one day I hope we can even start turning the clock back, undoing the damage that has been caused already.

PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner


Why Net Zero?

Net Zero energy solutions are not just a sound financial strategy for businesses, it is becoming increasingly urgent as a means to reverse the impact of climate change.

As organisations address their responsibility to reduce their environmental impact (and begin to recognise that sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand), a number of questions arise:

• What should our Net Zero strategy look like?
• Is a zero carbon strategy attainable for us?
• How can we access renewable energy solutions?
• What sustainable solutions are available to us?
• What will it cost to implement carbon reduction solutions?
• Where do we start with energy management?

Clearworld’s mission is to answer these questions, put in place the solutions best suited to help your business achieve its sustainability targets and help you realise the financial benefits of streamlining energy consumption and installing sustainable solutions throughout your supply chain.

Our focus is getting projects approved and delivered, whilst linking this to your corporate goals and measurable results. Our team comprises experienced sustainability and energy reduction experts who have been engaged with the huge changes across the Utility, Carbon and Energy Management markets since the 1990s.

We have delivered state-of-the-art energy reduction solutions for many large, multi-sited organisations, such as grocery retailers, high street retailers, warehousing and distribution centres, leisure and hospitality groups and other energy-intensive commercial operations. Now the target for all such businesses is Net Zero, we have made it our business to understand the challenges and solutions in detail, and we are placing our knowledge and experience at your disposal of net zero energy solutions. Learn more about our services. 

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